Jimi Celeste really knows how to work a camera, no matter which side he’s on. After 20 years playing the US and Canadian club and college circuit as a stand-up comedian, working as an actor and casting independent features, Jimi discovered photography while scouting locations for top fashion photographers.

Jimi uses the chameleon attributes of an actor, an obvious sense of humor, a performer’s communication skills, the manners and knowledge of a veteran who’s worked with the best to blend successfully into any function, from Hip Hop to Black Tie, and when he works the Red Carpet he ALWAYS gets the shot! His value as a headshot photographer comes from knowing what casting directors are looking for and creating an incredibly comfortable atmosphere for the subject.

Currently, Jimi is an always-in-demand senior staff photographer with the top event/party photographer in New York, Patrick McMullan.

e-mail: jimi@jimiceleste.com phone: (212) 966-0474

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